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Why You Should Choose Shutterstile Shutters

Why Do I Need Shutters?

Drive down just about any street in the US. With the exception of a few homes that sport unique architectural features, we can almost guarantee that the first thing you'll notice will be the shutters. Pay particular attention to the houses without shutters. We think you'll agree that they look unfinished.

Shutters can make or break a house. Yet the average homeowners probably invest more in their front door than all of their shutters combined.

I Already Have Shutters — Why Do I Need Yours?

Drive down a few more streets and you may begin to notice a trend. It doesn't matter if you drive through a mobile home park or an upscale development. They all have one thing in common — cheap plastic shutters. Look long enough and you're bound to find a few houses with real wood shutters. But you have to look hard, because those real ones look just like the cheap plastic ones. In fact, we'll wager that most of the time the plastic ones look better.

So, chances are that the most noticeable feature of your house is the one thing that makes it look like every other house in the neighborhood: the shutters. Is that what you really want?

Or would you prefer something different? Something that is more likely to be noticed than that bright red door. Something that sets your house apart from all the other houses on the block. Something that is a unique reflection of your personality and taste. That's what Shutterstile shutters can do for you.

Unlimited Design Choices

The Shutterstile concept is about unlimited design choices. Our shutters feature interchangeable tile panels that you can change to suit the seasons or your mood. If you can imagine it, we can probably make it for you. Choose shiny or frosted glass tiles in a wide range of colors to match just about any palette. Switch to a bold design Talavera tile to announce your festive mood. Create the look of subtle elegance with a stone patterned porcelain tile. Or leave the neighbors wondering how you achieved the unique look of recycled cork. The possibilities truly are unlimited.

Quality Construction

The best part is that you don't have to sacrifice quality to take advantage of this revolutionary concept. We use the most reliable construction methods, combined with the most weather-resistant materials, to create a shutter that you would be proud to display on your living room wall, if it didn't look so good on the outside of your home [in fact, some of our shutters are being used as interior wall art]. See our Anatomy of a Shutterstile Shutter page for more information on materials and construction methods.

Still Not Convinced?

Reading about it is one thing. But seeing is believing. We encourage you to go to our Online Shutter Design Tool and have some fun. Experiment. Try as many combinations of colors and designs as you can imagine. You'll soon begin to realize that this isn't our design. It's yours!

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