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Try Shutterstile's Design Service

Having trouble visualizing which shutters will look best on your home? We can help!

Just send us a high quality digital image of your house and we'll add your choice of shutter images to your windows. Or leave it to our design consultants to create one-of-a-kind shutters tailored to the style and color palette of your home.

For a design fee of $100 (refundable with your shutter order), we'll apply up to three different shutter designs to your photo [add $20 for each additional design over three]. Turnaround time is normally two to three working days after we receive your images.

Simply complete the form below to order. You may provide up to three different views of your house. We'll select the ones that give the best representation of the shutters, within the limitations of our software. Try to include at least one closeup of a window with minimum obstructions and at least two feet of wall space all around.

Samples: [click on photos to enlarge]

Original house
House with Shutterstile Pisces Shutters House with Shutterstile Arts & Crafts Shutters, painted Cypress with Rialto Beige porcelain tile panels House with Shutterstile Arts & Crafts Shutters, stained Cherry with Spruce glass tile panels
Closeup of Window with Shutterstile Pisces Shutters

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Please be patient. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your photos.

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