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Design Recommendations

The experts agree. But the experts never envisioned the unique look of a Shutterstile shutter. After all, the Shutterstile concept is a departure from tradition. In a book on exterior design, we read that your shutters should match the architecture of your geographic region. Raised panel shutters don't belong at the beach. And louvered shutters have no place in Minnesota.

Following that reasoning, we should recommend against Mexican tiles unless you live in the southwest. But we've seen Mexican tile shutters on a variety of homes, and as long as the colors work well together, they look great. It's really more about color than anything else. And color is a very personal thing.

You can play it safe and use the same color combination you have on the rest of your house. If you have a tan house with dark brown trim, you can't go wrong with a dark brown shutter frame with a tan tile. But anyone who has seen a red door against an otherwise neutral palette knows the impact a splash of color can have.

It's really about you, your personality, and your own unique style.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for most of us is picking the right color combination. Fortunately, there are a number of free web resources available to help. We especially like the color tools available from, including:

So if you know the brand and color code for the paint on your house, you can use the first tool to convert that color into its corresponding html color code. Then you can use the html color code to find a complementary color for your shutters using the second tool. Finally, you can use the third tool to find the corresponding paint color for your shutters. And if you want us to finish your shutters for you, just give us the code for the color you chose and we'll match it.

Alternatively, you can find a color you like using our Online Shutter Design Tool, take the html color code that appears in the box under the heading "Change Shutter Color", and use that code to find complementary colors in the EasyRGB tool.

Still confused? You can see how a particular shutter style will look on your home by clicking on the "See This Shutter on Your House" button on the Online Shutter Design Tool.

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