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Installing the Shutterstile Bahama Stay System

Your Shutterstile Bahama stays should have arrived preassembled. It's best to install them individually, leaving one set assembled for reference to avoid placing parts out of position.

The stay system consists of a t-track that attaches to your shutters, an aluminum stay bar, a plastic hinge that attaches to the wall, and various pieces of hardware to connect everything.

  Bahama Stay System

The first step is to remove the stay bar from the t-track. Simply loosen the knob and slide the bolt out one end of the t-track. The t-track can then be mounted directly to the edge of your shutters, aligned with the back face. Or, for a cleaner look, you can cut a 3/4-inch wide by 1/2-inch deep rabbet into the edge of the shutter such that the t-track will fit flush with the edge. Mount the t-track to the shutter using one screw in every third hole; we recommend that you predrill for the screws as an extra precaution to avoid splitting the wood. [Note: if you ordered your shutters from us with the adjustable stays, the t-track will already be installed in a rabbet.]

  T-track Mounted in a Rabbet

Once the t-track is installed and the shutter is mounted to the building in the closed position, place a mark on the wall one-half the height of your shutters.

  Mark Wall at 1/2 Shutter Height

Then slide the stay bar bolt back into the groove at the bottom of the t-track. Hold the hinge end of the stay assembly with the BOTTOM of the hinge bracket aligned with the mark you just made on the wall. Tighten the plastic knob to hold the stay in position while you mark the location of the two screws that attach the hinge to the wall [take care to keep the stay parallel to the edge of the shutter].

  Align Hinge and Mark for Screws

Loosen the knob and swing the stay bar out of the way so that it won't interfer while you predrill for the two hinge screws. Remove the hinge pivot bolt and install the hinge to the wall.

Finally, swing the stay bar back into alignment with the hinge and reinstall the pivot bolt.

Congratulations! You've just completely the installation for one side of the shutter. Now that you know how it's done, the other side should be a breeze.

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